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The Sony Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment System brings a whole new High-Definition Entertainment experience into the home. Powered by the Cell Broadband Engine, the PS3 system is unlike anything Sony has brought us before. Utilising the latest Blu-ray Disc technology, system DDR3 RAM, and Cell Broadband Engine, Playstation 3 owners are to experience greater in-game realism, smarted AI, larger storage capabilities and integration of the latest wireless, Bluetooth technologies.


Console Features:

  • High-Definition Capabilities: HDMI (High Definition Mutlimedia Interface.
  • Hard Disk Drive: Available initially with 60Gb Removable Hard Disk Drive only. A 20Gb model will released at a later date.
  • Backwards Compatibility: PSOne and Playstation 2 games. Also CD's and DVD's.
  • Online Connectivity: Allows for Online gaming, video chat, text/picture messaging, internet access.
  • PSP Connectivity: Integrate your Sony PSP Handheld System. Transfer photos, video and music.

Processing Power

  • Cell Broadband Engine: Revolutionary Processing Power - 40 times faster than the Playstation 2 system.
  • Mutli-processing: Faster, multi-tasking processing allowing games designers to impliment Enhanced AI, More explosions, Greater realism.
  • 256Mb XDR Main system RAM - 256Mb GDDR3 RAM.


SIXAXIS Controller Features:

  • Motion Sensing System: Angle, Thrust, Tilt, Pull. Interactive Gaming.
  • Bluetooth: For wireless gaming. Upto 7 controllers at one time, on one console!
  • Wired or Wireless.
  • Analogue Joysticks: Allows for dynamic manipulation.
  • Trigger L2/R2: Redesigned for greater precision and more subtle control.
  • USB Charging: Utilise one of four USB connectors to charge.

Blu-ray Disc:

  • Built in Blu-ray Disc Player: Utilises the latest in Blu-ray, High Definition, discs (BD).
  • BD (Blu-ray Discs): Storage (50Gb per disc) to support the large data requirements of High Definition games and movies.
  • 1080p Picture Quality: Highest Resolution available.
  • 7.1 Surround Sound: Theatre quality, 32 audio streams.
  • Movie Industry Support - Major film studios releases in HD format (available now).
  • Recordable Media: Backup home videos, pictures, games & movies.











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